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12 good reasons to have your child study music

  TWELVE BENEFITS OF MUSIC EDUCATION RECENT STUDIES FROM THE CHILDREN’S MUSIC WORKSHOP (Students who study the arts do better in standardized testing) 1. Early Music Education helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning 2. Music education research shows a causal link between music and spatial intelligence (the ability to perceive the world…
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Fall 2019 Auditions and Registrations

Registration forms  are available on this web site;  or they can be emailed to you. Call for one...305-238-2729(offices)     305-962-2079(cell) NEW audition application 2019 You can call the SFYS office  for assistance     AUDITIONS  Begin on SUNDAY August 18 and 25th, 2019   All classes  run only on Sundays  Starting  September 8th   until…
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