Throughout the many years of operation, the South Florida Youth Symphony has been a pathway to success, both in the music world and in life.  Here are just a few examples of the influence the SFYS has had on some former members.

Discipline, passion, artistry, connecting with people of different backgrounds; are all qualities that I have learned from my time at SFYS. These are qualities that I carry throughout my career as a professional musician and educator

Edward J. Ercilla, M.M.E - Director of Bands and Orchestra - Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy

Being part of the South Florida Youth Symphony has given me opportunities that I would not have otherwise. The ensemble experiences provided me with valuable skills, both musical and personal, such as responsibility, dedication and a work ethic.

Kathy Do, business owner - Private violin teacher

SFYS played an important role for me as a young musician.  I remember feeling a part of the team when I played in the orchestra. Preparing music for seating auditions, performances, and sectionals helped me develop a process for discipline that I've sharpened and maintained in my professional life.

Daniel Andai, Dean of Music - New World School of the Arts, Concertmaster Miami Symphony

Exposure to great conductors and literature while I was in the SFYS was pivotal in my young music career.  It served me well in “The President’s Own” U. S. Marine Band and all of the other professional organizations that I was blessed to join.

Richard A. Zogaib, Director - Les Art Nouveau Chalumeaux

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